Sunday, March 30, 2008

San Diego: Heaven on earth for Utahns in March!!

These are the muddy pirates!!! James and Nathan loved to get wet in the waves and then cover themselves in sand over and over again!
This is Ashley and Mom trying to get some sun! You can tell we have been inside all winter.
At night we stopped by the San Diego temple. We walked around the grounds and took this picture.
We went to a Mexican restaurant on Saturday night. They gave the boys these bull horns. Ashley says this is her favorite restaurant of all time!

Sping Break for the Thacker family 2008

We started off our vacation late Wednesday night when we drove to Cedar City. On our way down we ate at Burger King around 9:30 p.m.

On Thursday, we drove all the way through to San Diego. We stayed at the Marriott in La Jolla. One of the few advantages to Kent's frequent travelly are Marriott points!!! That night as we went swimming at the hotel, we found that Kent had left his suitcase in the closet at our hotel in Cedar City!! Big oooops!

On Friday our family spent the day at Sea World! We loved all the shows. We went on the ride Adventure to Atlantis very first. Unfortunately, my purse that was being kept safe and dry in the bottom of the boat, got soaked as water flowed to the back as we went up the hill. The big loss was my cell phone!!! Oh well. The rest of the day was a blast! James is touching a sea star in the water in this picture!!

On Saturday, our family spent the day at the beach! It was about 75 degrees and it felt heavenly!!! We all got a little burned but we all have a little tan now. The water was very cold at first but as you spent time in it, then you got used to it. The beach was very busy! On Sunday, we had a small Easter egg hunt in our hotel room and then drove home to Salt Lake. Becca had prepared an Easter lesson she shared in the car. It was a long drive but we had a great time all together.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Weber State Piano Competition 1st Place!!!

Ashley took 1st place in the Weber State Piano Competition! This was quite an accomplishment because she was in the High School Division but she still was able to win as a sophomore! She played Jeux D'eau by Ravel and the 1st movement to the Piano Concerto in D minor, No. 21 by Mozart. When asked what she planned to do with her $100, her reply was, "GO SHOPPING!"

Ashley also won an Honorable Mention in the State UMTA Concerto competition. She also got a cash award for this! How about paying Mom and Dad for some of those lessons?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Talent Show for Thacker Kids

James, Nathan, Amy, and Rebecca are performing at the APA Talent show next Wednesday! James will be playing a piano duet with Mom called "The D Song" and the rest will be performing a violin duet called "Little Fandango." Of course anyone who would like is invited but we know everyone is busy with their own lives too. We'll let you know how it goes!
James did fabulous! He was not scared at all! We caught the other kids on video. Hopefully you'll be able to watch it! Nathan is wearing a zorro mask! All the kids told them they were the hit of the talent show!

James Birthday Party

James and a good friend, Andrew Bennett riding in the super laser ships!

James and all the party kids eating pizza and birthday cake to come!!

James on a motorcycle! The only motorcycle mom will ever let him drive!!

This is Abby and Olivia, two of James classmates from APA!

James is having a pirate birthday party at Jungle Jim's Playland on Thursday, Feb. 20. He is so excited! He is very sick todaybut trying to rest all day so he will be ready to boogie tomorrow with his friends! We'll post pictures tomorrow!

Well, tomorrow is finally here! I hope you enjoy the pictures! We all had a blast! Mom and 9 kindergarteners plus a bus load of special ed kids!

KC & the Sunshine Clan

The Thacker family consists of:
Kent: commonly known as Dad
Catherine: the funnest young mom in the world:) of course
Ashley: the 16 year old flirt
Rebecca: the 13 year old socialite
Amy: the 11 going on 30 year old
Nathan: the 7 year old smarty pants
James: the 6 year old smiley guy